Why Peaceful Realtor?

Well, you guessed it, I am a Realtor but why “peaceful”??

First time home buyers may have a vision of buying a home as a “dream come true” and don’t get me wrong, it usually is for most homeowners and existing homeowners looking to sell may think it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

However, for those “experienced” homeowners out there, we know buying or selling a home can sometimes be a stressful experience. You may have unrealistic expectations, bad advice, poor guidance or be outbid on your “dream” home. There’s a myriad of scenarios that can turn this dream into a nightmare or two. I understand this as an experienced homeowner as well as a real estate professional that happens to be very “hippie”-like (<-I just made up that word) according to some of my closest friends and family.

Why “hippie” possibly because I tend to try to look at all angles of a scenario and keep the “peace”…not to mention other possible reasons such as having my kids naturally, breastfeeding, etc.  But I digress…I just figured I could exude a positive vibe from the get-go starting with my “brand”. I set realistic expectations from the beginning, explain the process and work with my people from beginning to close to ensure the most peaceful and enjoyable experience as I like to have fun whenever possible. That said, you can expect a lot of enthusiasm when we land the right home or offer on your house!!

**Disclosure: don’t mistaken “peaceful” as passive. I know when to use tact when necessary to negotiate the best possible deal for my clients. I just have a collaborative and competitive approach (when needed) that helps keep the peace during the process. **

It only seemed logical to add a catchy slogan when I realized my ideal brand, so remember whenever there’s a need to sell or buy, you’d want to…

“Move with Peace, Contact Jenise!”

Hope you enjoy my blog. This is my first one ever so I hope you’ll stick with me and that I’m not terribly awful. Feel free to share your comments and/or feedback. Again, please take it easy on me as I’ve just popped my “blog” cherry ;)!




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